Forum on the Development of Science and Technology Societies

Time:May 24 - 25

Venue:Reports:SORL Hotel Hangzhou
Seminar:Hangzhou Tianyuan Tower Hotel

The forum, with "Exchanges and Cooperation for Innovative Development" as its theme, centers around the important responsibilities and missions by science and technology societies, and towards the building of a global community with a shared future. With such a theme, the forum will invite a number of world-renowned professors and experts to discuss the defining feature, development path and trend of world first-class science and technology societies.


Session I Host: Li Peigen,President of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Session II Host:Yuan Yaxiang,Vice President of CAST President of Academy of Mathematics Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Alternate President of ICIAM

Time Topic Speaker Institution
May 24 Morning Registration
May 24 Session I 14:00-14:10 The host introduces the invited participants
14:10-14:20 CAST leader addresses a speech
14:20-14:50 Organizational Structure and Management Pattern Stephen Welby Executive Director and COO, IEEE
14:50-15:20 International Promotion and Collaboration Martin Umhau Vice President, The German Agricultural Society
15:20-15:50 Internal Governance Du Zide Secretary-general, China Computer Federation
15:50-16:00 Tea Break
16:00-16:30 Membership Service Robert Parker CEO, Royal Society of Chemistry
16:30-17:00 Operation and Development Liu Wenjie Vice President and Secretary-general, China Highway and Transportation Society
17:00-17:30 Signing-up Ceremony
The Geographical Society of China--Royal Geographical
Society with IBG (RGS-IBG)
China Association of Agricultural Science Societies—The German Agricultural Society(DLG)
China Textile Engineering Society-- The Textile Institute(TI)
May 25 Session II 8:30-8:35 The host introduces the invited participants
8:35-8:45 CAST leader delivers a speech
8:45-12:00 Exchange issues of internal governance, talent cultivation, admission and service of members, frontier, periodical publication and international exchange, and discuss the essential characteristics and ways to build a world-class S&T organization.
12:00 The host delivers the closing speech and pronounces the end of the forum