Firstly launched in 1999 and conducted in different cities every year, the Annual Meeting of CAST has become a high-profile and high-level event in the Chinese science community. CAST is committed to making the annual meeting an important platform for sharing and exchanging ideas and knowledge, and an international high-end brand with distinctive features and highlights.

As one of the most important events to be held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of CAST, the 20th Annual Meeting of CAST will gather the intellectual resources of scientific and technological professionals from home and abroad to discuss and explore new ways in promoting academic exchanges, popularizing scientific knowledge, fostering professional talents, providing consultations on policy-making, and increasing international exchange and cooperation.

Our Program

The 20th Annual Meeting of CAST is designed with an international view. Fourteen out of the 25 key activities of the annual meeting will involve participants from around the world. With the participation of leaders of world-leading S&T organizations, editors-in-chief of top STM journals and internationally celebrated scientists, the 20th Annual Meeting of CAST is set to be a platform gathering the intelligence of worldwide S&T professionals to cope with a new round of scientific and technological innovations and industrial revolutions.


China Association for Science and Technology

The People's Government of Zhejiang Province